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In this day and age is important to be present online. Instagram shouldn't be overlooked in your social media strategy anymore. Here are a few facts why:

> When we look at the number of users who are active on Instagram every month, we see this number increase to no less than 1 billion people.

> There is a big difference between posts on Instagram and posts on Facebook. When the same post is posted on both channels, the post on Facebook gets an average of 23 percent less engagement.

> Brands can arouse the interest of the Instagram members when campaigns are handled properly. 62 % of all Instagram members indicate that they are more interested in a brand when they have seen the brand on Instagram.

> 83 % of the users discover new products and services through IG (Instagram)


Why work with My Winelife?


The above numbers are astonishing! I truly believe social media is the way to build a strong brand and build a strong community that loves to buy your wines.  So how do you stand out, in such a great sea of content? And how can your ideal consumer navigate through so many options if it comes to buying the right bottle for their ideal pairing?

No worries, I can help! Here's how:

Managing your social media account on Instagram

My mission is to help entrepreneurs who are ready for the next step but don't know how to use Marketing and Social media. I help entrepreneurs who are good at their profession but do not have the time or skills to be visible and miss out on sales. I manage and optimize your Instagram page so that your ideal customers find your brand. 

  • Set up and manage your Instagram channel(s)

  • Create a content calendar

  • Managing the content calendar and scheduling content on Instagram

  • Writing Social Media Content

  • Design or photograph media visuals

  • Online community management (commenting, stories, private messaging)

  • Set up an Instagram store that is linked to your original webshop

  • Running social media ads 

Promoting your brand on Instagram

There are so many producers and so many wines. Often for consumers, it's so hard to make the right choice, if it comes to buying the right bottle for their ideal pairing. I can help to make that choice so much easier. I can help, making content for your brand.

  • Making wine fun again; no difficult terms, but easy processable content which makes it a lot easier to enjoy wine.

  • Wine comes alive as soon as your story is relatable! I research your narrative and communicate the story of the brand as pleasantly as possible. This creates a bond between brand and consumer.

  • Interaction is the key, I will make sure that the text converts into more interactions and viewers. The content will be cross-posted on Facebook and LinkedIn.

  • Posts and interviews will be announced through my stories.

  • A link to your webshop will be placed in My Winlife it's bio.

  • Want an extra blogpost on My No problem I can write a blogpost of +6000 words.

I would love to build a long-lasting relationship with you! Therefore I would love to discuss different options with you. Don't hesitate to send me a message!


What did other clients think of My Winelife?


Tobias Brauweiler

 Master Sommelier

Screenshot 2021-05-15 at 13.49.40.png

Alberto Cugnetto

Enologist and viticulture specialist

With wit and charm, Zelda conquers the wine world. Professional and informative interviews allow her to give insights into the world of sommeliers, producers, and all about wine. Her presents on social media are livening up the days for many followers and wine aficionados.

Zelda is a very professional and inclusive person. She has a real passion for wine and the wine industry in general. I feel this young lady will go far in her chosen profession and we, at Seven Springs Vineyard, look forward to working with her for many years to come.


Zelda's passion for wine is infectious. Her social media reach is impressive and her innovative take on content always impresses me. We need more of her 'go-getter' attitude in the wine industry.

Untitled Design (86).png

It is very nice to work and taste with Zelda. She is well known for the wine business and wines from all over the world.

With Zelda we had really a nice experience that really helped the submitted wine promotion ! She has good tasting skills, she is professional and passionate. She knows the wine production background and that really helped our comunication. That's a key point for trasfering the right infos to the followers and creating a nice story-telling process...


Thorsten Sperl

Owner Sperl Concept Winery

Zelda is an experienced wine journalist with great sensation.

Her description of my wines was perfectly precise.' 


Kelvyn Guest

Owner Guest Wines

Worked in a cross team multi-national wine project with Zelda bringing together some of the world's finest movers and shakers within the industry


David Burlton

Owner Vinarchy in the UK

Working with Zelda has opened my eyes to the potential of design, affording me innovative ways in which to get creative with my wine communication. She has equally helped me to improve my video presenting skills, and I am very grateful for her advice in this respect on all things wine-related.

Screenshot 2021-05-30 at 08.00.34.png

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